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Fuck that, people suck

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The notebook na We Heart It.

r a d  b &amp; w  n a t u r e / t a t t o o / s k a t e / p r e t t y

la vibracion de la imagen como si fuera un golpe produce un sonido mental al mirar…

Edward S. Curtis. Cowichan. 1912.

I remember seeing this picture going round in here and I saw someone who told that some might ask for it by dressing up in a slutty way. You know what? NOONE deserves this. Why can’t a human being handle himself? The one who rapes says that she provoked him. If someone can’t control himself and NOT ATTACK to another then I think this person is sick. It’s sad. And to all those who still might say that some ask for it, think about it? If it was your mother,sister,daughter,girlfriend,would she still ask for it?
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